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CodeCourse NameLecturerSemesterOutline
ACCT1101ABCIntroduction to Financial AccountingDr. Jasmine KWONG1Download
ACCT1101DEIntroduction to Financial AccountingDr. Olivia LEUNG1Download
ACCT1101FGHIntroduction to Financial AccountingDr. Kyungran LEE1Download
ACCT1101IJKIntroduction to Financial AccountingDr. Guoman She1Download
ACCT1101LMIntroduction to Financial AccountingMs. Helena Keung1Download
ACCT1101NOIntroduction to Financial AccountingDr. Jasmine KWONG2Download
ACCT1101PQRIntroduction to Financial AccountingDr. Lin Qiu2Download
ACCT1101STUIntroduction to Financial AccountingDr. Zhongwen Fan2Download
ACCT1101VWIntroduction to Financial AccountingDr. Peeyush Taori2Download
ACCT2102ABCIntermediate Financial Accounting IDr. Nafis RAHMAN2Download
ACCT2102ABCIntermediate Financial Accounting IDr. Charles Kang1Download
ACCT2105ABCIntroduction to Management AccountingDr. Ryan Tae Wook KIM1Download
ACCT3103AIntermediate Financial Accounting IIDr. Derek K. W. CHAN1Download
ACCT3103BCIntermediate Financial Accounting IIDr. Lilian CHAN1Download
ACCT3106ABCDEFManagement ControlDr. Travis Chow1Download
ACCT3106GHIJManagement ControlDr. Olivia LEUNG2Download
ACCT3107ABCHong Kong TaxationDr. Christina NG1Download
ACCT3107DEFHong Kong TaxationDr. Christina NG2Download
ACCT3109ABCAuditingDr. Sammy FUNG1Download
ACCT3111ACorporate Governance and Social ResponsibilityDr. Sammy FUNG2Download
ACCT3113AAccounting for business valuation and financial contracting: Theory and applicationProf. Guochang ZHANG2Download
ACCT3114AValuation Using Financial StatementsDr. Jing LI1Download
ACCT4104ABAdvanced Financial AccountingDr. Winnie S.C. LEUNG1Download
ACCT4104CDEAdvanced Financial AccountingDr. Winnie S.C. LEUNG2Download
BUSI1802Advanced business communication skillsDr. Grace XIE2Download
BUSI1805AInternational Field TripDr. Sohyeon SHIM1Download
BUSI1805BInternational Field TripDr. Sohyeon SHIM2Download
BUSI1807Business Consulting PracticumDr. Eric CHINSummerDownload
BUSI2811ANegotiation and Conflict ResolutionDr. Grace XIE1Download
BUSI2812Impact LabMr. David BISHOP2Download
BUSI2814Business EthicsMr. David S. LEE2Download
BUSI2816ABTransformative Business Immersion in Developing EconomiesMr. Beau LEFLERSummerDownload
BUSI2819Persuasion and Behavioral ChangeDr. Grace XIE2Download
BUSI3711ANew Business Generation - A Strategic and Operational Approach Mr. Baniel CHEUNG1Download
BUSI3801ABCDEBusiness LawMr. Beau LEFLER1,2Download
BUSI3803ABCCompany LawMr. David S. LEE1Download
BUSI3808AGlobal Analysis Team ProjectMr. Baniel CHEUNG1Download
BUSI3809ALeadership Development ProgrammeDr. Dennis Y. HSU2Download
BUSI3810ALegal and Ethical Environment of Global BusinessMr. David BISHOP1Download
BUSI3811Reading Course1,2,SummerDownload
CCCH9007AChina in Global EconomyDr. Jing LI1Download
CCGL9018ACorporate Social ResponsibilityDr. Sammy FUNG1Download
CCGL9025The Political Economy of Growth and Poverty in the WorldProf. Y.C. Richard Wong
Dr. Vera Yuen
CCGL9030AFinancial CrisisDr. Maurice K.S. TSE1Download
CCGL9031Entrepreneurship: global and social developmentProf. Simon S.K. LAM1Download
CCGL9067Companies and people: friends or foes?Mr. Beau LEFLER1Download
CCHU9068Shaping our World: Liberalism, Socialism and NationalismProf. Y.C. Richard Wong
Dr. Vera Yuen
ECON1210ABIntroductory MicroeconomicsDr. Chen Zhao1Download
ECON1210CDELMIntroductory MicroeconomicsDr. Ka-fu Wong1Download
ECON1210FGIntroductory MicroeconomicsDr. Chi Pui Ho1Download
ECON1210HIntroductory MicroeconomicsDr. Ka-fu Wong2Download
ECON1210IJKIntroductory MicroeconomicsDr. Chi Pui Ho2Download
ECON1220ABIntroductory MacroeconomicsDr. Leung Mallory1Download
ECON1220CDIntroductory MacroeconomicsDr. Lan Lan1Download
ECON1220EFGIntroductory MacroeconomicsDr. Lei Zhang2Download
ECON1220HIIntroductory MacroeconomicsDr. Chi-Wa Yuen2Download
ECON1220JKIntroductory MacroeconomicsDr. Cynthia Cao2Download
ECON1280Analysis of Economic DataDr. Ping Yu1Download
ECON1280BCAnalysis of Economic DataDr. Ping Yu2Download
ECON2210ABIntermediate MicroeconomicsDr. Wng Tung Lam1Download
ECON2210CDIntermediate MicroeconomicsDr. Xiaoxuan MENG2Download
ECON2214AGames and DecisionsDr. Stephen Ching1Download
ECON2216Industrial OrganizationJasmine Hao2Download
ECON2217Economics of NetworksDr. Stephen Ching1Download
ECON2220ABIntermediate MacroeconomicsDr. Xiaoxuan MENG1Download
ECON2220CDEIntermediate MacroeconomicsDr. Wataru Miyamoto2Download
ECON2225AEconomics of Population ChangesProf. Paul S.H. Lau1Download
ECON2226ABChinese EconomyDr. Jing LI1Download
ECON2232AEconomics of Human ResourcesProf. Wing Suen1Download
ECON2233AThe Economics of LawDr. Stephen Y Chiu1Download
ECON2253AInternational MacroeconomicsDr. Clement WONG1Download
ECON2255Economic System of Hong Kong1Download
ECON2262Economic DevelopmentDr. Gedeon J. LIM2Download
ECON2264Political Economy of Development in ChinaProf. James Kai-sing Kung2Download
ECON2273AEconomic History of ChinaDr. Chicheng Ma1Download
Dr. Vera Yuen
ECON2276AState, Law and the EconomyProf. Y.C. Richard Wong
Dr. Vera Yuen
ECON2280ABCIntroductory EconometricsDr. Clement WONG1Download
ECON2285Mathematical EconomicsDr. Jianrong Tian1Download
ECON3215AUncertainty and InformationProf. Wing Suen2Download
ECON3222Monetary EconomicsDr. Chi Pui Ho1Download
ECON3225ABig Data EconomicsDr. Yanhui WU & Dr. Ping YU2Download
ECON3232Environmental economicsDr. Guojun He 2Download
ECON3233Data analytics in digital economyDr. Steven Pai Xu2Download
ECON3234 Behavioral EconomicsDr. Jianrong Tian2Download
ECON3235Economics of education and human capitalDr. John Klopfer2Download
ECON3262AInequality and GrowthDr. Lichen Zhang2Download
ECON3284ACausal InferenceDr. Yanhui Wu1Download
ECON3293Reading Course1,2,SummerDownload
ECON4200ASenior Seminar in Economics and FinanceDr. Yulei Luo1Download
ECON4200BSenior Seminar in Economics and FinanceDr. Chi-Wa Yuen1Download
ECON4200CSenior Seminar in Economics and FinanceDr. Shiyang Huang1Download
ECON4200DSenior Seminar in Economics and FinanceDr. Yanhui Wu1Download
ECON4200ESenior Seminar in Economics and FinanceDr. Pai Xu2Download
ECON4200FSenior Seminar in Economics and FinanceDr. Stephen Y Chiu2Download
ECON4200GSenior Seminar in Economics and FinanceProf. Yulei Luo 2Download
ECON4200ISenior Seminar in Economics and FinanceDr. Sangyoon Park2Download
ECON4200JSenior Seminar in Economics and FinanceProf. Hong Zou2Download
ECON4200KSenior Seminar in Economics and FinanceProf. Xuewen Liu2Download
ECON4200LSenior Seminar in Economics and FinanceProf. Xuewen Liu2Download
ECON4200NSenior Seminar in Economics and FinanceProf. T.C. Lin2Download
FINA1310ABCCorporate FinanceDr. Alexandr Kopytov1Download
FINA1310DCorporate FinanceDr. Zigan Wang1Download
FINA1310ECorporate FinanceMr. Jack-man Jimmy Woo1Download
FINA1310FGHCorporate FinanceDr. Mingzhu Tai2Download
FINA1310IJCorporate FinanceDr. Shiyang Huang2Download
FINA1310KLCorporate FinanceDr. Jian Zhang2Download
FINA2312Advanced Corporate FinanceProf. Keith K.P. Wong1Download
FINA2312Advanced Corporate FinanceProf. Keith K.P. Wong2Download
FINA2320ABInvestments and Portfolio AnalysisDr. Jianan Liu1Download
FINA2320CDEInvestments and Portfolio AnalysisDr. Maxime Couvert 1Download
FINA2320FGInvestments and Portfolio AnalysisDr. Alex CHAN2Download
FINA2320HInvestments and Portfolio AnalysisDr. Andrew J. Sinclair2Download
FINA2320IJInvestments and Portfolio AnalysisDr. Thomas Schmid2Download
FINA2322ABCDDerivativesDr. Thomas Maurer1Download
FINA2322EFGDerivativesDr. Yang Liu2Download
FINA232IJInvestments and Portfolio AnalysisDr. Thomas Schmid2Download
FINA2330ABFinancial Markets & InstitutionsDr. Thomas Schmid1Download
FINA2330CDEFinancial Markets & InstitutionsDr. Vinh Q. Nguyen 2Download
FINA2342AInsurance: Theory and PracticeDr. Maurice K.S. TSE1Download
FINA2342BInsurance: Theory and PracticeProf. Hong ZOU2Download
FINA2342CDEInsurance: Theory and PracticeDr. Xiang Fang2Download
FINA2343ALending and Credit in Private Banking and Corporate Banking (1)Prof. Anna Wai-Kwan WONG1Download
FINA2344ALending and Credit in Private Banking and Corporate Banking (2)Prof. Anna Wai-Kwan WONG2Download
FINA2382ABReal Estate FinanceDr. Maurice K.S. TSE1Download
FINA2383AInternational Financial ManagementDr. Yan Xu2Download
FINA2390Financial Programming and DatabasesDr. Zigan Wang1Download
FINA3316AInvestment banking: valuation, LBOs, and M&ADr. Matthias BUEHLMAIER1Download
FINA3318China’s Financial System and MarketsProf. Hong ZOU2Download
FINA3319Green Finance and Impact InvestingProf. Dragon Yongjun TANG2Download
FINA3322ACredit RiskProf. Dragon Yongjun TANG2Download
FINA3323AFixed Income SecuritiesDr. Huiyan QIU1Download
FINA3323BFixed Income SecuritiesDr. Huiyan QIU2Download
FINA3325AAlternative InvestmentsDr. Lu Fangzhou1Download
FINA3326AEquity Valuation and Investment ManagementMr. Jack-man Jimmy Woo1Download
FINA3326BEquity Valuation and Investment ManagementMr. Jack-man Jimmy Woo2Download
FINA3327Hedge Funds: Strategies, Business Management, and InstitutionsDr. Andrew J. Sinclair2Download
FINA3334Private Banking and Wealth ManagementMr. Donny Lam2Download
FINA3335ACurrent Issues in Asset Management and Private BankingDr. Alvin Ma1Download
FINA3336AInvestment Consulting, Institutional Business and Family OfficeMs. LI Janet, Mr. LAU Edmond 2Download
FINA3340ARisk ManagementDr. Alex CHAN1Download
FINA3350Mathematical FinanceDr. Rujing Meng2Download
FINA3351ASpreadsheet Financial ModelingDr. Jinghan Meng1Download
FINA3353ARegulatory, Operational and Valuation Issues in Finance InstitutionsDr. Ronald Chung1Download
FINA3360Financial Practicum1,2,SummerDownload
FINA3382AStructured Finance and SecuritizationDr. Huiyan QIU2Download
FINA3383AFinancial Regulations and ComplianceProf. Anna Wai-Kwan WONG1Download
FINA3384Special topics in finance2Download
FINA3391Reading Course1,2,SummerDownload
FINA4321Managing Money in Asset Management and Private BankingMr. Alvin Ma
Dr. King Au
FINA4341AQuantitative Risk ManagementDr. Huiyan QIU2Download
FINA4350AText analytics and natural language processing in finance and fintechDr. Matthias BUEHLMAIER2Download
FINA4354AFinancial EngineeringDr. Matthias BUEHLMAIER1Download
IIMT1611APrinciples of Technology EntrepreneurshipMr. Joseph CHAN1Download
IIMT2601ABCManagement Information Systems Dr. C K LOK1Download
IIMT2601DEFManagement Information Systems Dr. Shengjun Mao1Download
IIMT2601GHManagement Information Systems Dr. Chao DING2Download
IIMT2601IJManagement Information Systems Prof. Fang Yulin2Download
IIMT2602Business programmingDr. Chao DING2Download
IIMT2628AInnovation and Entrepreneurship InternshipMr. Joseph CHAN1Download
IIMT2628BInnovation and Entrepreneurship InternshipMr. Joseph CHAN2Download
IIMT2641AIntroduction to Business AnalyticsDr. Feng TIAN2Download
IIMT3601ADatabase ManagementDr. Michael C.L. CHAU2Download
IIMT3602AInformation Systems Analysis and DesignDr. C K LOK2Download
IIMT3603AProject ManagementDr. Benjamin YEN1Download
IIMT3604ATelecommunications managementDr. Michael C.L. CHAU1Download
IIMT3621ABCreativity and Business InnovationDr. Ernest LO1Download
IIMT3622Business TransformationMr. Baniel CHEUNG2Download
IIMT3623ADesign Thinking: Concepts and ApplicationsMr. Joseph CHAN1Download
IIMT3624ABDesign StudioMr. Joseph CHAN2Download
IIMT3626AValues Driven InnovationMs. Rachel CHAN2Download
IIMT3627AVenture and Entrepreneurship ManagementProf. Justin Chi Wai Leung
Mr. James Tin Yun CHENG
IIMT3636ABDecision and Risk Analysis IDr. Liao WANG1Download
IIMT3681ASupply Chain ManagementDr. Benjamin YEN1Download
IIMT3686AInformation Systems Audit and ControlDr. C K LOK1Download
IIMT4601AInformation Systems Project ManagementDr. Michael C.L. CHAU2Download
IIMT4602ADigital InnovationProf. Zhenhui Jack JIANG2Download
MGMT2401ABPrinciples of ManagementProf. Simon S.K. LAM1Download
MGMT2401CDPrinciples of ManagementDr. Youngduk Lee1Download
MGMT2401EPrinciples of ManagementDr. Ariel LI1Download
MGMT2401FKPrinciples of ManagementDr. Helen Hailin ZHAO2Download
MGMT2401GHPrinciples of ManagementDr. Dennis Y. HSU2Download
MGMT2401IJPrinciples of ManagementDr. Cho Yuna2Download
MGMT2787ABusiness Case Analysis and PresentationMr. Jeroen VAN DEN BERG2Download
MGMT3403ABLeadershipDr. Sohyeon SHIM2Download
MGMT3404ACross-Cultural ManagementDr. Yiwen ZHANG2Download
MGMT3405AOrganizational BehaviorProf. Chun HUI1Download
MGMT3416AStorytelling: Global Business CommunicationDr. Landais Clotilde 2Download
MGMT3417AThe European Business EnvironmentDr. Landais Clotilde 2Download
MGMT3429AStrategic Human Resources ManagementDr. Helen Hailin ZHAO2Download
MGMT3434AHuman resources: Theory and PracticeDr. Youngduk Lee1Download
MGMT3475ABCurrent Topics in Human Resource ManagementProf. Thomas W.H. NG1Download
MKTG2501ABCIntroduction to MarketingDr. Yin Mei NG1Download
MKTG2501DIntroduction to MarketingDr. Vincent ZHANG1Download
MKTG2501EFIntroduction to MarketingDr. Chu (Ivy) DANG1Download
MKTG2501GIntroduction to MarketingDr. Guiyang XIONG1Download
MKTG2501HIIntroduction to MarketingDr. Jinzhao Du2Download
MKTG2501JKIntroduction to MarketingDr. Mengzhou (Austin) ZHUANG2Download
MKTG2501LMIntroduction to MarketingDr. Jingcun CAO2Download
MKTG3501ABConsumer BehaviorDr. Yin Mei NG2Download
MKTG3502Marketing ResearchDr. Sara KIM2Download
MKTG3511ABAdvertising ManagementDr. Vincent Zhang1Download
MKTG3512A Brand ManagementDr. Buston CHU2Download
MKTG3523ABGlobal MarketingDr. Michael He JIA2Download
MKTG3524ABDigital MarketingDr. Xi Li1Download
MKTG3525ABServices MarketingDr. Buston CHU1Download
MKTG3526AInnovation and New Product DevelopmentDr. Michael He JIA1Download
MKTG3527APricing StrategiesDr. Jinzhao Du2Download
MKTG3528AMarketing AnalyticsDr. Mengzhou (Austin) ZHUANG2Download
MKTG3529ASocial Media MarketingDr. Chu (Ivy) DANG2Download
MKTG3530ABig Data MarketingDr. Jingcun CAO1Download
MKTG3531ABStrategic marketing managementDr. Tak Zhongqiang HUANG1Download
STRA3702AInternational Business EnvironmentDr. Chang SUN2Download
STRA3703AMultinational CorporationsProf. Christine M.K. CHAN1Download
STRA3706ABChina's Business EnvironmentDr. Yi TANG2Download
STRA4701ABStrategic Management Dr. Yi TANG2Download
STRA4701EFStrategic ManagementDr. Bian Jiang2
STRA4701GHStrategic ManagementDr. Yan Zheng2Download
STRA4702AGlobal Corporate StrategyProf. Fabrice Lumineau2Download