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Marketing is critical to all businesses.  It dictates whether a company will be successful.  Technology, Big Data, and digitization are fundamentally changing how marketers operate.  The Bachelor of Science in Marketing Analytics and Technology [BSc(MAT)] programme equips students with quantitative skills, technology know-how, and business marketing acumen to pursue a career in the digital economy and modern businesses.  It targets both STEM students with an interest in business as well as business students interested in the technology space.  Students will gain a solid foundation in cutting-edge technical areas including computer programming, data science, and technology by excelling in courses from the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Science.  In addition, students will master digital business, marketing and leadership through courses at the HKU Business School.  This interdisciplinary approach will enable students to engage in a variety of jobs and functions such as the design and launch of new technology products, targeting consumers, digital marketing, forecast and predicting markets, and building a technology-focused strategy.  The programme aims to nurture future leaders in the field of technology and marketing who are able to use the latest technology, science, and data analytics to support business and marketing decisions in the digital world.



BSc(MAT) Curriculum Structure


Students are required to complete a total of 240 credits of courses in the 4-year curriculum, of which 96 credits are courses for Major in Marketing Anatlytics and Technology, 18 credits are language enhancement courses, and 36 credits are Common Core courses. The remaining 90 credits are for free electives, optional second major and/or minor(s).


Marketing Analytics and Technology (MAT) Major Programme Structure (96 credits)




(*applicable to students admitted in the academic year 2022-2023 and thereafter)

Course CodeCourse TitleYear of StudyCredits
ACCT1101Introduction to Financial Accounting16
ECON1210Introductory Microeconomics16
Statistics requirement – choose one of the following courses:
ECON1280 or    Analysis of Economic Data or16
STAT1602 orBusiness Statistics or
STAT1603Introductory Statistics
FINA1310Corporate Finance26
Course CodeCourse TitleYear of StudyCredits
COMP1117Computer Programming16
MKTG2501Introduction to Marketing1 or 26
IIMT2641Introduction to Business Analytics2 or 36
MKTG3501Consumer Behaviour2 or 3 or 46
MKTG3502Marketing Research2 or 3 or 46
MKTG3528Marketing Analytics2 or 3 or 46
MKTG3601Marketing Technology2 or 3 or 46
MKTG4501Quantitative Marketing (Capstone course)46
Course CodeCourse TitleYear of StudyCredits
MKTG3511Advertising Management2 or 3 or 412
MKTG3524Digital Marketing2 or 3 or 4
MKTG3526Innovation and New Product Development2 or 3 or 4
MKTG3527Pricing Strategies2 or 3 or 4
MKTG3529Social Media Marketing2 or 3 or 4
Course CodeCourse TitleYear of StudyCredits
COMP2119Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms2 or 312
ECON2280Introductory Econometrics2 or 3
IIMT3601Database Management2 or 3
MKTG3530Big Data Marketing2 or 3 or 4
MKTG3602Retail Analytics2 or 3 or 4
COMP3314Machine Learning3 or 4



Exciting Opportunities


There are ample opportunities for students to participate in exchange programmes at world-class universities, and to gain internship experience from large multi-national companies (MNC), Hong Kong or Mainland China companies or exciting start-ups.  Students can also access HKU resources to start their own company.  With solid knowledge of marketing analytics and technology and interpersonal skills gained in multi-cultural and social contexts, graduates are expected to become competitive and capable business leaders with a global perspective.



Career Prospects


Graduates of the BSc(MAT) programme will be well-prepared to join the workforce in digital marketing, entrepreneurship & start-ups, gaming, digital platforms, e-commerce, IT, consulting, finance, and other industries with a focus on analytics, data, and technology.


Bachelor of Science in Marketing Analytics and Technology [BSc(MAT)]

Programme Director

Dr. Xi Li

Dr. Xi Li

Programme Director

Deputy Programme Director And Admissions Tutor

Dr. Tingting Fan

Dr. Tingting Fan

Deputy Programme Director and Admissions Tutor