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“CONNECTIVITY IN FINANCE” - Meeting with Senior Practitioners of Credit Suisse, Julius Baer, Fidelity International, EFG Bank, and All-Stars Investment and the Under-Secretary of the Financial Services & Treasury Bureau


Arranged by Prof. Anna Wong, Programme Director of Bachelor of Finance in Asset Management and Private Banking (“AMPB”), the HKU Business School hosted a 3-day event during the Reading Week.  Unlike previous years when students have the opportunity to do “real” company visits, the “Connectivity in Finance” this year is connected via “virtual” mode. Throughout the event, Year 1 & 2 students of the HKU Business School had the opportunity to meet Mr. Joseph Chan, the Under-Secretary for Financial Services Treasury Bureau (FSTB), Mr. Benjamin Cavalli, Head of Wealth Management Asia Pacific and APAC Sustainability Leader, Credit Suisse and his colleagues, Mr. David Shick, Head Private Banking Greater China, and Branch Manager Hong Kong of Bank Julius Baer and his colleagues, Mr. Kees Stoute, CEO of EFG Bank Hong Kong, Mr. Louis Ng and his colleagues of Fidelity International and  Mr. Eric Poon of All-Stars Investment. The students had the opportunity to understand government policy in Hong Kong as an international financial center, to understand the different business models of private banking as well as the difference in asset management in the retail and the institutional space.



Nearly 60 students from different programmes joined the event. With the social distancing in place, the event was hosted online with Prof. Wong as the moderator. The students were well prepared for the visits, as quality questions were received before the event and were raised to the speakers through Prof. Wong as the moderator or directly by the students through the chat function or online.



The last day of the event was the “most exciting” experience for the students. They participated in a simulation game organised by Amplify Trading simulating a sales and trading environment. While profit/loss of sales and trading is important, the most valuable experience that the students gained was a hands-on feel of how traders react to the unsystematic flow of information and how bankers/traders and asset managers interact with each other.


Message from Mr. Benjamin Cavalli, Head of Wealth Management Asia Pacific and APAC Sustainability Leader, Credit Suisse:

 “Students from HKU Business School have left me inspired after a productive exchange on strategy and client engagement. I am delighted to find a diverse and talented group of ambitious and career-driven aspiring bankers in our future talent pool”



Messages from our students:

BFin(AMPB), Year 1 student

“Throughout the three-day activities, listening to the sharing of juniors and seniors, from how they get their first job to their daily routine, it is insightful. I am grateful to have this chance to know more insights about the current financial industry.”


BEcon&Fin, Year 1 student

“Since this event, I have actively made an effort to read at least one piece of news per day. I think keeping up this habit of practicing passion can reduce this often unnoticed sense of complacency and detachment that prevents me from understanding the grand scheme of things, ultimately helping me in my comprehension of macro and micro changes in the finance world and aiding my career progression.”


BBA(IBGM), Year 1 student

“I also enjoyed the trading simulation a lot. Not only could I gain better financial knowledge regarding different functions among the buy-side and sell-side, different financial products traded, and how to bid and sell in the secondary market, most importantly this session has also allowed me to gain much hands-on experience in trading.”



Message from Prof. Anna Wong, Programme Director of Asset Management and Private Banking:

“I have truly enjoyed bringing the students out to see and to feel the industry. This is my fourth round of “Connectivity in Finance” and as such, I have brought over 240 students to learn outside of their textbooks.   Unfortunately this year (and the last) the visits have to be held virtual, I hope the situation will improve such that the event can be back of face-to-face and our students have the opportunities to do a “real” company visit.  That feeling and connection will make a bigger impact.   After reading the feedback/takeaway submitted by the students, I feel everyone appreciates this opportunity and I am sure this will be something that they can look back on when they have further thoughts about their career.”



Top left: Prof. Anna Wong of HKU Business School; Top right: Mr. Joseph Chan of Financial Services & Treasury Bureau; Bottom left: Romain Lepretre, BBA, Year 1; Bottom right: Bonita Ho, BBA(IBGM), Year 1


Top left: Prof. Anna Wong of HKU Business School; Top right: Mr. Benjamin Cavalli of Credit Suisse; Bottom left: Saber He, BFin(AMPB), Year 1; Bottom right: Swarna Wijaya, BEcon&Fin, Year 1




“Connectivity in Finance” is a student enrichment programme connecting HKU Business School students to the industry through a series of firm visits, guest talks and trade simulation training. This programme was well received by the past student participants. 


Programme Objective

- To allow students to gain fundamental business and financial knowledge

- To offer students to get in touch with the industry so as to boost their confidence for their future career development


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