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Entrance Scholarships


Both the University and HKU Business School offer entrance scholarships to outstanding freshmen in recognition of their academic result obtained before their admissions.




Faculty Entrance Scholarships

Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society Scholarship shall be awarded to an undergraduate admitted to the HKU Business School on the basis of academic merit in the public examination before admissions. For details, please refer to





University Entrance Scholarships

For HKU entrance scholarships details, please refer to



Faculty Entrance Scholarships

(a) JUPAS students New!

Local JUPAS students admitted with outstanding results in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination shall be awarded a one-off entrance scholarship by the HKU Business School to recognise their achievements.


Details of the JUPAS Entrance Scholarship by HKU Business School for the 2022 intake of local students admitted to one of the following programmes through JUPAS are as follows. Eligible students will be automatically considered. Application is not required.


6767 - Bachelor of Economics / Bachelor of Economics and Finance [BEcon/BEcon&Fin]

6781 - Bachelor of Business Administration / Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance [BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin)]

6793 - Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics) [BBA(BA)]

6808 - Bachelor of Business Administration (Law) and Bachelor of Laws [BBA(Law)&LLB]

6846 - Bachelor of Science in Marketing Analytics and Technology [BSc(MAT)]

6860 - Bachelor of Finance in Asset Management and Private Banking [BFin(AMPB)]

6884 - Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance [BSc(QFin)]

6896 - Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Global Management [BBA(IBGM)]


2022 HKDSE Examination Results

(Category A Subjects)

2022 JUPAS Entrance Scholarship

by HKU Business School

Level 5** in 6 or more subjectsHK$250,000 (one-off)
Level 5** in 5 subjectsHK$220,000 (one-off)
Level 5** in 4 subjectsHK$170,000 (one-off)
Level 5** in 3 subjectsHK$85,000 (one-off)
Level 5** in 2 subjectsHK$25,000 (one-off)


1. The HKDSE examination results are based on the year of admission only (i.e. 2022 sitting).  Combined results from previous sitting(s) will not be considered.

2. Extended modules 1 or 2 of Mathematics (M1/M2) will be counted as one subject.

3. Alternative Chinese result will not be considered.

4. The Scholarship shall be tenable for one year, and be disbursed in two equal instalments respectively on completion of the first and second semester of academic year 2022-23.

5. For students who are eligible for receiving entrance scholarship from the University at the same time, they will only receive one award from either the HKU Business School (Faculty of Business and Economics) or the University, whichever is of the higher value.

(b) Non-JUPAS students with IB Diploma or GCEA qualification

Local Non-JUPAS students admitted to the HKU Business School with outstanding result in either IB Diploma or International and/or GCE Advanced examination shall be considered for a one-off scholarship. Eligible students will be automatically considered. Application is not required.





University Entrance Scholarship

For HKU entrance scholarship details, please refer to




University Entrance Scholarship

Please refer to for details.