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The Marketing major prepares students for careers in advertising, brand management, customer relationship management, and marketing management in multinational and local companies. A distinctive feature is its focus on active-learning and responsive decision-making. All graduating students are equipped with cutting-edge marketing knowledge that enables them to proactively explore opportunities in the rapidly changing, globalising marketplace.

Programme Structure

Applicable to the 2022-2023 intake cohort

Course CodeCourse TitleYear of StudyCredits
ACCT1101Introduction to financial accounting16
ECON1210Introductory microeconomics16
Statistics requirement – choose one of the following courses:
ECON1280 or    Analysis of economic data or16
STAT1602 orBusiness statistics or
STAT1603Introductory statistics
FINA1310Corporate finance26
Course CodeCourse TitleYear of StudyCredits
MKTG2501Introduction to marketing    1 or 26
MGMT2401    Principles of management    2 or 36
MKTG3501Consumer behaviour2 or 3 or 46
MKTG3502Marketing research2 or 3 or 46
MKTG3524Digital marketing2 or 3 or 46
MKTG3531Strategic marketing management (Capstone course)46
Course CodeCourse TitleYear of StudyCredits
MKTG3511Advertising management2 or 3 or 412
MKTG3512Brand management 
MKTG3523Global marketing
MKTG3525Services marketing
MKTG3526Innovation and new product development
Course CodeCourse TitleYear of StudyCredits
MKTG3527Pricing strategies2 or 3 or 46
MKTG3528Marketing analytics
MKTG3529Social media marketing
MKTG3530Big data marketing
MKTG3532Platform business models and the sharing economy


*Note: Students admitted before 2022-2023 shall refer to the BBA syllabus of their intake cohort for the programme structure.

Representative For Marketing Major

Dr. Mengzhou (Austin) ZHUANG

Dr. Mengzhou (Austin) ZHUANG

Representative for Marketing Major

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