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Given the increasing emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, the School is offering a new 6-credit course in 2020-21 -

IIMT2628 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Internship


This course is for students who have obtained full-time/part-time* employment in a relevant industrial or industrial research & development activity to enhance their innovation and entrepreneurship experience, at a company scaled from start-up (in operation with business registration) to enterprise - for a minimum of 4 months’ span at the same organisation. 


* Full-time employment preferred.  For part-time employment, students need to prove their significant engagement in the works and company for approval.




All HKU Business School students and students who have taken courses offered by the School.




Interested students need to apply to the course instructor, Mr. Joseph Chan at with the proof of a job offer and a one-page written proposition outlining their role, responsibilities, knowledge and experience that you are expecting to gain upon completion of the internship.






Course Outline