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Our student associations are well established. With strong links to the business community and the government sector, our student associations provide students with opportunities to participate in numerous organised extra-curricular activities. Budget talks, business workshops, and academic tours to leading business centres and universities worldwide are just a few of these activities.


Want to have a more in-depth understanding of our student associations and experience how energetic and brilliant they are? Visit them here one by one and you will be amazed.


Business and Economics Association
The Business and Economics Association (BEA) was set up as the tenth Faculty Society under the Hong Kong University Students' Union, upon the formation of the Faculty of Business and Economics at The University of Hong Kong in 2001. BEA is the representative body for all business, economics, and finance students at The University of Hong Kong which keeps close contact with various business sectors as well as local and overseas prominent business and economic institutions. It also acts as the communication platform between the Faculty and its students.


Being the youngest Faculty Society, members of the BEA are committed to working hard together to build a strong student organisation filled with creativity and enthusiasm.


Business Association
Business Association BEA (BA) is the largest non-profit making, student-run organisation representing all business students at The University of Hong Kong. Its mission is to encourage business studies, and its applications in Hong Kong, to promote business studies, and to provide opportunities for members to increase their exposure to the business world through various functions held by BA. Sponsored by an Advisory Board, which comprises prominent business leaders, chairpersons of various professional bodies, and professors from the Faculty of Business & Economics, BA organises various well-received functions each year, such as firm visits, academic exchange tour, internship programme, and so on.


Economics and Finance Society
Economics and Finance Society BEA (EFS) is one of the oldest and most well-established student societies at The University of Hong Kong, with over 60 years of history and experience. Being the departmental society of the School of Economics and Finance, EFS aims to enhance students' interest in economics and finance and acts as a bridge between the School and the students. EFS offers its members an intellectually stimulating environment, exciting activities, and organised events, all of which aim to promote economics and finance education and learning. Among the major activities of EFS are international study tours, financial investment competitions, and the long-standing Budget Forum - an open forum on the Hong Kong government budget and economy.


Information Systems Association
Information Systems Association BEA (ISA) is the official student representative body for BBA(IS)/BEng(SE) double-degree students, also BBA(BA) students. Established in 2001, ISA aims to provide welfare to its members, while promoting the application of Information Systems in the business world. With a vision to broaden members' perspectives and to connect them to business reality, ISA hosts an exciting range of activities for its members. As a very young association, ISA does not have a 'tradition' to follow - everything starts from scratch. The fun bit is that the association can decide everything and make history.