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Students are reminded to take note of the following when enrolling in courses offered by HKU Business School:


  1. You are expected to have met all pre/co-requisite requirements for enrolment in courses offered by our School.  Please refer to the enrolment requirements stated in the "Course Enrollment Statistics (by sub-class)" page.
  2. Time clash, no matter how short the duration, is not allowed for courses offered by our School.
  3. All courses offered by our School have quota restriction.  You can only enrol in courses that are still opened.  For courses with more than one subclass, you are advised to enrol in a subclass with more vacancies.
  4. ACCT1101 (Sem 1 & Sem 2), ECON1210 (Sem 1 & Sem 2), ECON1220 (Sem 2), ECON1280 (Sem 1 & Sem 2) and FINA1310 (Sem 2) are Year 1 core courses for several programmes under our School and seats have been reserved for students concerned.   Enrolment requests from other students will generally be considered from late August or early September.
  5. As it is anticipated that there will be a surge in demand for ECON1280, enrolment requests for the course from non-HKU Business School students (particularly those who plan to take the course as free elective (i.e. ECON1280 is not a required course)) will not be considered until September 2022.
  6. Your declaration of an optional major/minor offered by our School will not guarantee you a place in courses for fulfilment of the major/minor requirements. 
  7. The enrolment statistics for courses offered by our School are updated at ~9:00A.M.-10:00A.M. on every weekday during the course selection and add/drop periods.
  8. Please allow time for course approval.  Should there be any queries regarding course enrolment, please contact the Faculty Office by email (  You are reminded to state your full name, university number, curriculum, and year of study in the email.  In order to speed up our response time, please avoid sending duplicate enquiries.

Course Enrolment Statistics