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Team Formation

Around 40 HKU students from the HKU Business School will be grouped into teams of 4-5 members.


Job Description

Each team of students will work as professional consultants on a well-defined and mutually agreed upon problem during the consultation period. 


Apart from business consulting reports, student consultants will give an oral presentation to the business client at the end of the practicum.


Training And Support

Before commencing the practicum, students will be offered training. Throughout the practicum, students will be guided and supervised by the Faculty Teacher, Professional Mentor, and Consultant-in-Residence.


In the training workshop, students will learn different business consulting skills such as project planning and management, developing consultancy reports, client and team management, etc. to cope with the challenging real-life business projects.


Feedback And Evaluation

Throughout the project, student consultants will receive evaluations and feedback from the business clients as well as from the Faculty Teacher, Professional Mentor and Consultant-in-Residence for continuous improvement.


Every week, students will have a meeting with the Faculty Teacher/ Professional Mentor/ Consultant-in-Residence to receive comments and advice for continuous improvement.


Benefits To Students

By the end of the course, students should have gained:

  • Experience in applying theoretical knowledge to tackle a real business challenge as a student consultant
  • Experience in researching, analyzing, assessing and proposing practical business options and solutions given the project constraints
  • Experience in presenting findings and business solutions (both written and oral) in a professional manner
  • Nurture the ability to identify key strategic questions, communicate and evaluate progress with the client, team members, faculty teacher as well as professional mentors
  • Acquire the ability to build a good relationship with the client and work effectively in and as a team

Other Information

  • Students will not receive any salary compensation from the client organizations but each participating student will be given a stipend by the School upon successfully completing the practicum (with a PASS grade). 
  • Additional subsidies will be provided by the client if students are required to work outside Hong Kong.

Who Are Eligible To Apply?

The course is designed for non-final year students in the HKU Business School. All applicants are required to have a cumulative CGPA of at least 2.7. Students may be invited to attend interviews for evaluation of their business knowledge and soft skills.