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Hong Kong Shared Good Values (HKSGV) 2021 Case Competition (Champion - Case of Nestlé Hong Kong)

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Hong Kong Shared Good Values (HKSGV) 2021 Case Competition (Champion - Case of Nestlé Hong Kong)



Students from HKU Business School won the Champion in the Hong Kong Shared Good Values (HKSGV) 2021 Case CompetitionCase of Nestlé Hong Kong


It was the fifth year that HKSGV organised the case competition. It is a programme that aims to propagate the concept of doing good and doing well in businesses in Hong Kong. A total of 141 teams (about 520 students) registered this year.  Between February and May 2021, participating teams contributed ideas to senior management at Nestlé Hong Kong Limited and Stan Group on how they generate innovative plans for office penetration and engagement, the importance of happy work culture, elderly care and wellness for an age-friendly smart city, creation of shared value business concepts, business and social development in Hong Kong.


Team members:

CHU Hon Ho - BBA (Acct&Fin)

LAW Hiu Wai - BBA (Business, Design & Innovation and Marketing)

LI Wing Chak - BBA (Econ&Fin)



Student's Sharing:

"One main focus of this competition is to Create Shared Values (CSV) for different stakeholders. Throughout the competition, we have a chance to study Nestlè's current situation and brainstorm innovative solutions for penetrating middle-size offices. Looking into the case, we have learned how to merge CSV to genuine practices with business values. We first conducted situation analysis, defined strategic directions, set goals and objectives. Then, we integrated different levels of CSV into our proposed solutions – to reconceive products and markets, redefine productivity in the value chain, and enable local cluster development. After that, we came up with our final solutions to meet social needs and strengthen the linkage between companies and the community. It's a precious opportunity for us to experience the workflow of proposing a real-world business project.


Developing a business proposal is always not easy. It's our pleasure to be guided by an experienced mentor. We were inspired a lot while going through the concept of CSV, the perspective of stakeholders, the implications, the implementation challenges, the timeline, the cost analysis, etc. It's a been challenging journey but a rewarding experience as well."


CHU Hon Ho Jason


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