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Mentorship Programme

HKU Business School Mentorship Programme




"My understanding of the Chartered Financial Analyst Examination (CFA) and internships has increased tremendously under the guidance of my mentor. Since he is a trainer of the certification programs – CFA, he told me lots of details of this examination and gave me the direction of when I should take the examination. He has also stressed the importance of doing CFA as it acts as an entry ticket of the finance industry. Regarding internships, he suggested that it is an excellent opportunity to do a semester internship to know more about that particular industry, and he believes that soft skills are as necessary as hard skills."


LEE Chi Lam Esther, BEcon&Fin


"Nick is a business leader in executive search, and he has given me lots of insights into the management consulting industry as a whole and useful tips in getting into the industry. Connecting to insiders of the industry is undoubtedly one of the most essential and impactful actions to get in touch with a specific sector. Through networking with current employees, I could learn more about the organization culture and leadership style and hence prepare myself for integrating with the team in the future."


Chan Wing Sze Vincci, BEcon&Fin