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Case Competitions

HKICPA Business Case Competition 2020 (1st Runner-up)



Team of HKU Business School won the 1st runner up in HKICPA Business Case Competition 2020. This year, the competition received more than 919 teams’ participation from various institutions in Hong Kong, Greater China and Macau regions.


The HKICPA Business Case Competition is an inter-tertiary event aims at developing students business skills, cultivating their professional judgment and preparing themselves for the business environment. Participating teams were required to submit written proposals on a case study in catering industry for screening. After several rounds of evaluation, six finalist teams were selected for competing in the Final Oral Presentation Day on November 28, 2020.


Team members:

YANG Kangnaixin, BEcon&Fin

SHI Jilong, BBA(Acc&Fin)

TIAN Hanbo, BSc(QFin)

WU Jiaopeng, BBA(Acc&Fin)


Faculty advisor: Dr. Olivia Leung


Student's Sharing:

"In the first round, as we were required to draft a 15-page business proposal for a catering company, we spent two weeks brainstorming and polishing our written proposal. During the process, we all spent quite a long time coming up with new ideas and assessing each planned strategy’s feasibility. Since we were from different programmes and majors, we also learnt a lot from each other such as managerial accounting, financial derivatives, marketing, valuation and so on, which also made our proposal more multi-faceted and professional.


The final round was quite different from the first round as it required a high level of presentation skills. We needed to put our content into very concise sentences and pay attention to our presence and oral expressions. The Q&A part was also very crucial because it required us to consider our proposed strategies thoroughly and comprehensively enough. Thanked to the support and guidance from Dr. Olivia Leung, we learnt how to give an attractive story-telling presentation with delicate coherences and links between each part, as well as a presentation full of team collaborations.


Though HKICPA Business Case Competition was switched to online mode, we still had an enjoyable teamwork and competition experience. The competition enabled us to learn new knowledge and explore different fields in business. It also facilitated our teamwork ability. We were glad to have participated in this competition!"


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