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Amplify Trading Global Markets Competition 2021 | APAC (Top Achievers)

Global Markets Competition 2021 | APAC


Four undergraduate students of HKU Business School won the “Best Pitch Deck Award”, Top 10 & Top 25 in the Amplify Trading Global Markets Competition 2021 | APAC.


The Amplify Trading Global Markets Competition 2021 | APAC aims to help university students from all disciplines to gain practical understanding in the world of finance, particularly in Asset Management, Sales & Trading, Wealth Management, Hedge Fund and Research through a series of lecture videos, pitch deck presentation and trading simulations.


In the Preliminary Round of the competition, 692 teams of students from the APAC region worked in groups of two to prepare buy-side pitch decks and participated in live asset management simulation online. 38 qualified teams entered the Grand Final Round on March 21, 2021. Members of the teams were required to compete on individual basis. 76 students participated in the trading simulation competition by making multi-asset investment strategies in both the roles of a Hedge Fund Manager and a market maker based on instantaneous news.


Best Pitch Deck Award


Team members:

KIM Nahee, BFin(AMPB)



Student's Sharing:

"In the competition, we constructed a buy-side pitch book that aimed to help a recently established asset management firm to raise funds from potential clients following the top-down investment strategy starting from global macroeconomics trends, growth potential and broad industry sectors, and based on concrete quantitative measures to make final investment decisions.


All in all, this experience was an amazing opportunity for us to experience the role of portfolio managers, allocate assets based on the market movement, and present data throughout the different market situations. During the pitch book construction work, we identified the growth drivers and risk factors of East Asian countries based on economic outlook analysis. Also, we provided detailed risk management strategies that can alleviate potential risk factors including stock market risk, country/regional risk, currency and credit risk. For the Grand Final competition, we were able to experience the roles of both a market maker and hedge fund, which allowed us to gain a well-rounded understanding of the financial market mechanisms. "


Top 10



Top 25

LO Chun Yu, BSc(QFin)

NG Lok Shan Brendan, BSc(QFin)


Sharing of LO Chun Yu:

"I was extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this fun-filled yet insightful experience. On the practical side, it was a great way to take the initiative to conduct detailed global macro analysis, form our own investment strategy, mitigate potential risks, and most importantly to learn how to tell a good story to our hypothetical investors.


In addition, the experience of being in the seat of a trader was nothing less than remarkable. Not only did we learn to leverage our finance knowledge and market sense, but also, the thrills of seeing our investment decisions rewarded by the market were definitely something we could not have obtained in textbooks. I would therefore highly recommend anyone interested in a career in financial markets to take part in this amazing competition."


Sharing of NG Lok Shan Brendan:

"The competition allowed me and my teammate to work on our presentation crafting skills. As the head organizer said, even those with great ideas won’t be listened to if their ideas are not presented well. Furthermore, I learned the importance of taking quick, calculated decisions to generate profit as an OTC (Over-the-counter) market maker. Specializing in certain markets or products when making markets made it easier to match buyers and sellers. Overall, I was grateful to have had this opportunity to take part in the competition and I think it was worth the time."


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