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The “BEST” Programme is a 4-month programme which represents collaboration between New World Group and the Faculty. The Programme enables students to understand business activities undertaken by New World Group, covering property management, hospitality services, retail operation, strategic investments and infrastructure projects, as well as non-profit making initiatives which manifest Group's commitment to corporate sustainability.


  • To provide students with an opportunity to understand the overall strategic management of a conglomerate.
  • To broaden students’ experience and equip them with knowledge in business practices essential to their future career development in the commercial world.



       Course Schedule: January 2016 - April 2016


Course description

The HKU - New World Group Business Elite Students (“BEST”) Programme is a collaboration between HKU and New World Group which enables students to understand the overall strategic management of a conglomerate not only through experiencing the diverse business operations, but also through witnessing its commitment in promoting corporate sustainability. Comprising a series of structured classroom lectures, corporate visits and interactions with highly experienced executives of New World Group, this programme offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to gain insights into management skills and techniques, and to equip them with knowledge in some of the best practice essential to their future career development in the commercial world.


This programme will include evening lectures by and discussions with New World Group experienced senior executives, case studies and corporate visits. The course provides a comprehensive conglomerate management and operations. Modules include:

  • Overview of management and operation of a conglomerate
  • Real-life applications of management models in corporate planning and strategy
  • Blending art, architecture and engineering into development projects
  • Harmonization of Art, People and Nature in corporate branding and retail management
  • Integrating corporate sustainability into business
  • Financial control and corporate governance
  • Sales and marketing, and customer relationship management
  • Property management and asset rejuvenation

Dress Code

Smart casual, no jeans and slippers.

Basis of Assessment

In this course, the assessment will be based on attendance, class participation, a mid-term assessment and a final group presentation.


Certificate of Achievement
Student achieving 80% attendance rate (including all lectures, visits, assessments, presentations and the two ceremonies) will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. Student who does not achieve 80% attendance rate will fail automatically and will not be given the Certificate of Achievement.

Internship Opportunity
Students participating actively in lectures, demonstrating a proactive and innovative spirit plus attitude of thoughtfulness and enthusiasm during group discussions and presentation, and performing consistently well during the whole course will be granted priority for internship opportunities at New World Group.


Participants of the programme must be:

  • FBE non-final year students
  • Non-FBE penultimate year students with a confirmed eligibility to pursue a major or minor offered by FBE


Students will be selected through paper screening and group interviews conducted by representatives from New World Group and HKU.


Successful applicants should possess the following attributes:

  • Good potential and eagerness to learn and develop with commitment to excel
  • Enthusiastic and ambitious in knowing more about conglomerate management and operation
  • Interested in considering conglomerate as one of their career choices
  • Strong self-motivation in achieving excellence
  • Innovative and creative mindset

Important dates:


Date and Time

Application Period

October 6 - 19, 2015


Mid-November, 2015 #

Email announcement to Successful applicants

December, 2015

Inauguration Ceremony

January, 2016 (TBC)


5:30 – 7:30 pm, late January – mid April, 2016 (TBC) *

Corporate Visits

February & March, 2016 (TBC)

Mid-Term Assessment

Early April, 2016 (TBC)

Final Presentation

Late April, 2016 (TBC)

Graduation Ceremony

Late April, 2016 (TBC)

# Shortlisted candidates will be notified of the interview details in early-November. Interview will NOT be re-arranged under all circumstances.

* Mostly on Wednesday with exact schedule to be confirmed later.

Online Application form

Please apply at

Application Deadline

October 19, 2015 (Monday)

Deposit required:

The successful applicant who is offered a place to join this course will need to pay a deposit of HK$3,000. Upon successful attainment of at least 80% attendance rate (including all lectures, visits, assessments, presentations and the two ceremonies), this deposit will be refunded or be forfeited as a penalty of the student's breach of commitment.


Updated: September 2015