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An exciting Mainland learning opportunity is now available for you!


The China Business and Economics Programme (May 2022) will be organized at Fudan University, Shanghai in virtual format from 29 May to 11 June 2022.


About the Programme

The China Business and Economics Programme (May 2022) is a credit-bearing study programme open to all HKU Business School Undergraduate students. The programme aims to enhance students’ understanding of China’s business and economics.


Participants will enroll in a 6-credit HKU course – FBEC2002 Field Experience in Chinese Economy: Implications for Global Business. Aside from the formal lectures which will be conducted in Fudan University virtually, the programme provides an opportunity for students to learn about the leading enterprises of diverse industries such as finance, tourism, manufacturing, IT and creative industries. Similar to other HKU courses, students are required to complete the course work via final essay and group presentations as assigned by the lecturer in order to receive a grade as well as credits. This course will be counted as a free elective course for Summer Semester of 2021-2022, which students can fulfill part of the graduation requirements.


We believe that first-hand experience in the business hub of the fastest growing economy in the world will be beneficial to student learning and career. Students are strongly encouraged to grab this valuable opportunity to enrich their knowledge and understanding of business in China.



All UG non-final year students of HKU Business School

*Priority will be given to student who has NEVER joined any China programmes as offered by the School before.
**The programme will be conducted in English. Students of all nationality are welcome to apply.


Programme Schedule

29 May to 11 June 2022


Programme Costs

Since the programme will be conducted virtually, participants are not required to pay any fees. The following items will be covered by the School:


  • Tuition fees
  • Technical support for virtual lectures and/or activities

Application Method

Interested students should submit an online application here:


In the online application, please upload the following documents:


  1. A passport-size photo
  2. A copy of Mainland Entry Permit (回鄉卡) (for Hong Kong residents) / Passport (for overseas residents) / Mainland ID Card and Passport (for China residents)
  3. An updated CV
  4. A 300-word essay on “Why are you interested in joining the “China Business and Economics Programme”?”

Application Deadline

14 April 2022 (Thursday) Noon


Refundable Deposit

Selected students are required to pay a deposit of HK$3,000, which is refundable upon completion of the programme. Students who would like to apply for absence/ sick leave are required to provide valid proof/justification, e.g. medical certificate for sick leave, supporting email, course/examination schedule for time clashing with examination/lectures  etc. The deposit will NOT be refunded should students fail to meet the FULL attendance requirements.




1) Students who take part in the programme must be a regular registered student of HKU in Semester 2 and Summer Semester of 2021-22 who will NOT be on Exchange/Leave of Absent in both semesters.


2) Student cannot take more than 12 credits in Summer Semester or 72 credits in the whole academic year (Inclusive of Summer Semester). Since the credits of this course will be counted towards Summer Semester of 2021-22, in case if the selected student has already planned to enroll in more than 12 credits in Summer Semester of 2021-2022 or 72 credits in the academic year of 2021-2022, he/she is required to apply for credit overload once the programme offer is released. There is a risk that the application for credit overload will be disapproved and the student needs to be responsible for the consequences that may arise. (Please note that this does not apply to BBA(Law) & LLB students as request of credit overload for these students will NOT be approved and no exceptional case will be granted).


3) HKU Business School, The University of Hong Kong and Fudan University reserve the right to cancel the programme should there be insufficient enrollment or any unforeseen circumstances. Students are required to bear all the all the consequences that may arise. 


In case the programme is cancelled, students will be notified by email as soon as possible and the paid deposit will be refunded.