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Entrepreneur Society’s Freshman Night is calling for participation now.


You may refer to the message below for details regarding the event. Interested students should register online by September 14, 2020.

[Message from Entrepreneur Society]


Invitation for Entrepreneur Society’s Freshman Night!!


Wish to meet like-minded people but have no chance due to COVID-19? Look no further! Entrepreneur Society’s first ever freshman night will let you gather with others to participate in fun and collaborative games! If you wish to...


  • Meet new and interesting individuals
  • Get competitive through our pictionary and trivia games
  • Have the best time as an HKU freshmen


Look no further! Come join Entrepreneur Society’s Freshmen Night on 16th September from 8:30pm to 9:30 pm. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to sign up


Or by scanning the QR code on the poster!


APPLICATION DEADLINE: 14th September 2020


Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at We look forward to having you on our team!


The Entrepreneur Society is a student-led, non-profit committee that aims to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among the HKU community. Founded last year, we create a platform for ideas to be shared, developed, and realized with cross-faculty collaboration as our bedrock. We have since hosted interactive activities with 200+ participants, encouraging early-stage idea generation, we aim to provide innovative solutions to societal problems.


Our key objectives include:

- Create an entrepreneurial community for students to exchange their ideas

- Stimulate out-of-the-box thinking

- Bring students to develop and realize ideas through collaboration


Ultimately, we aim to spread the entrepreneurial spirit throughout the HKU campus, and bring entrepreneurship to the next level in HKU!


ESo Freshman Night_Poster

Disclaimer: The data collected through the online application is solely administered by Entrepreneur Society. The School shall not be held liable in the case that disputes, loss or any other situations arise.