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Doing Business in China Programme  (March 2020) will be organized at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University from March 7 – 15, 2020.

About the Programme

The aim of this programme is to give an overview of doing business in China, including an introduction to the Chinese economy, history and culture. Through this programme, students can access to the high quality faculty and well-designed programme of lectures, case studies, company visits and cultural events.


Lectures will cover the following topics:

  • China: Historical Legacy and Current Institutional Context
  • China: The Embeddedness of Business Practices in the Cultural and Social Yanlong Contexts
  • Demographics and Long-run Economic Growth: The Case of China
  • The Economy of the People’s Republic of China: the State, Economic Reform and Challenges
  • Marketing in China

Students participate in this programme will be enrolled in a PKU course “Doing Business in China”, which is equivalent to STRA3706 China Business Environment (6 credits) in HKU. Students who have successfully completed this course at PKU will have 6 HKU credits being transferred back. Please note that only the credits will be transferred back but not the grade. In other words, the grade obtained from this course WILL NOT be counted towards your CGPA.


All FBE UG students

*Priority will be given to students who have NEVER  joined any China programmes as offered by the Faculty before.
**The programme will be conducted in English.

Programme Costs

Items to be paid by students:

  • Flight tickets between Hong Kong and Beijing
  • Travel insurance (HKU will provide basic overseas travel insurance to participants. Nonetheless, participants are strongly recommended to make extra travel insurance arrangement according to individual needs.)
  • Visa application fee (Non-local participants (except participants from Mainland China) may be required to apply a travelling visa for entering Beijing.)
  • Entertainment expenses

Items to be covered by the programme:

  • Tuition fee
  • Accommodation in Beijing
  • Some of the meals in Beijing
  • Local transportation for programme events
  • Cultural activities
Application Method

Interested students please submit an online application HERE.


In the online application, please upload the following documents:

  • Passport-size photo
  • Copy of Mainland Entry Permit (回鄉卡) (for Hong Kong residents) / Passport (for non-Hong Kong residents)
  • Most updated CV
  • 300-word essay on “Why are you interested in joining China Study Programme?”
Application Deadline
9:00am, December 27, 2019 (Friday)

Refundable Deposit

Selected students are required to pay a deposit of HK$3,000 which will be refunded upon completion of the programme.


1) Students who take part in the programme must be a regular registered student of HKU in Semester 2 of the academic year of 2019-20 who will NOT be on Exchange/Leave of Absence throughout the entire semester.

2) Students cannot take more than 36 credits in each regular semester. Since the credits of this course will be counted towards Semester 2 of 2019-20, in case if the selected student plans to enroll in more than 36 credits in Semester 2 of 2019-20, he/she is required to apply for credit overload. There is a risk that the application for credit overload will be disapproved and the student needs to be responsible for the consequences that may arise (Please note that this does not apply to BBA(Law) & LLB students as request of credit overload for these students will NOT be approved and no exceptional case will be granted).