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The FinTech Society at the University of Hong Kong is a volunteer led, not-for-profit group which works closely with start-ups, industry leaders and experts in the field to provide our members with specialised workshops, competitions, seminars, start-up fairs, networking sessions and much more. We passionately advocate and work toward the better future of FinTech in Hong Kong.


We focus on the skillsets of future employees as automation has made drastic changes in the financial industry and thus raised the need for re-skilling of the upcoming generation to fulfil the demand. We aim to

  • develop students' entrepreneurial and technical skills
  • build the professional network of students through networking with industry leaders for future cooperation and collaboration
  • develop students' self-reliance and inspire them to create and innovate
Vision and Mission

Our society recognises the unpredictability and dynamic nature of the financial industry now and realises the disrupting potential that advancements in FinTech could have on the sector. Thereby, our society is not limited to FinTech, but rather a spectrum from Finance to Technology and everything in between. Our large coverage also allows a broad range of enthusiasts irrespective of degree and educational background
to become members and join our society.

Organizational Structure

Head of Corporate Partnerships

Head of Event Management

Head of Finance

Head of Marketing

Head of Operations

Head of Public Relations
Head of Research
Head of Talent Management
Head of Technology
Senior Student Members

Upcoming Events

Skill-Dev and Workshop Seminars
Regular workshops will be held throughout the year to foster and instill an insatiable curiosity and attractive employability skill set for our members. Industry experts will be invited to provide workshops on topics ranging from social finance to blockchain and data mining.

At FinTech Society, we believe in innovation through collaboration. We aim to help our members to develop useful skills, such as communication & presentation skills, research & analytical skills as well as problem-solving & team-building skills. We will also focus on providing our members with first-hand experience in the industry and network opportunity with industry experts, university professors, and leaders. 

Start Up Fair
HKU Start-up Fair aims to connect HKU’s best and brightest students to premier rising start-ups in Hong Kong. Through the Fair, entrepreneurial-minded students will have the opportunity to connect and interact great start-ups, leaders and senior management executives, as well as to look for full-time positions and internships in a close-knit start-up environment.

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