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Staff-Student Consultative Committee

    1. To promote better communication between staff and students on matters relating to advancing the quality of teaching and learning in the undergraduate degree curricula offered.
    2. To convene at least once a semester to receive and discuss all ideas and information (including evaluation results) relevant to the enhancement of undergraduate degree curricula and teaching and learning environment.
    3. To provide feedback to students on actions taken in response to the comments received.
    4. To report students’ feedback to the parties concerned and to work with them to formulate plans to refine the courses and/or curricula.
    1. Associate Dean (Undergraduate) or his/her representative (Chairman)
    2. Programme Director for each undergraduate curriculum appointed by the Board of the Faculty
    3. Representative for each major of the BBA programme
    4. Teaching and Learning Coordinator for each Area nominated by respective Area Heads
    5. At least one student representative from each year of each undergraduate curriculum

List of Discussion Items of the Undergraduate Staff-Student Consultative Committee meetings: